MANIMAHESH - KAILAS - The Abode of LORD SHIVA -known as the destroyer of everything.  Every year people especially the devotes of Lord Shiva mainly from Punjab; Jammu and Kashmir; Himachal Pradesh along with other places of India visit this place during the auspicious days  mainly from Janam Ashtami (Lord Krishna's Birthday)  to Radha-ashtami day  ( for twenty days).  During this period there are lots of Langars (free service) by the devotees of  Lord Shiva who serve food;  medicine; and shelter with full dedication and devotion.
Brahmaur - once the ancient capital of the Chamba rulers before the 8th century A.D. was the main centre of activities in the princely state of Chamba. It was during those times the temple of CHOURASI (84) were built. The main temple of Manimahesh built in shikhara style was dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The hills of Barhmour are full of flora and varieties of Herbs are grown wild in this area. At Chourasi one should not forget to visit the temple of LORD DHARAMRAJ - the LORD OF DEATH. It is believed that this is the place where one has to pass through after death. It is here that Lord Dharamraj's Court pronounce his justice according to the KARMA (deeds) of the departed Soul. The LORD GANAPATI; GODDESS LAKSHANA DEVI AND LORD NAR SIMHA (Lord Vishnu) statues are worth seeing and magnificent. The huge SHIVA LINGAM situated in the main temple of Chourasi which is surrounded by very old and tall pine trees. Their is a life size bronze statue of NANDI (Bull) in front of the temple of Manimahesh - Lord Shiva.

During the festival season in the month of August / September every year this area is full of activities of local people; devotee's of Lord Shiva and sadhus (saints). From Chourasi (Brahmaur) a visit to Brahmani Devi temple (4kms ) is must for every traveler of Manimahesh. The view of Budhal valley - Mountain range is worth viewing and mind freshing.  
From Brahmaur one has to go to Harsar or Hadsar the confluence of two rivers (10 kms by road). Here during the old time people of the surrounding areas used to immerse the ashes of their dead on the confluence point of the two rivers. From Harsar the real and tough trek starts. It is about 18 kms trek  climbing higher and stiff mountain step by step besides river BHUJALA. Local people cover this distance in about 6 to 7 hours but people like us who came from the Metros cities 9 to  10 hours. It is better to halt at Dancho ( the water fall) about 7 kms from Harsar. Next day then one can start early morning and can reach the base of Kailash (Gauri Kund) and can stay near the Holy Lake of Manimahesh.
Taking a holy dip in the ice water lake of Manimahesh is a memorable experience. The weather is very unpredictable. The dance of Lord Shiva -TANDAV - is the true manifestation in  the form of Weather in this  area. If you are lucky enough by getting the nice weather at night then watching the star at night is a memorable experience.
The view of Mount Kailash gives you a sense of pleasure which only an individual SOUL can understand and feel the vibration of that INVISIBLE. It seems that one of the major dream of your life is achieved after viewing the peak of MOUNT KAILASH.

We organize special interest package tour for a group of minimum ten pax or above from Delhi to Bharmour - Manimahesh Trek - Dharamshala  - Delhi. Minimum of 7 to 10 days providing food as per your choice - i.e South Indian Food; Gujarati Food; Bangala Food as well as North Indian Food during the package tour.